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Dunum is a young french brand, which is committed to offering natural care, easy to use and good for the planet 🌎.


Transform your daily life in order to :

  • Go back to basics, thanks to short but concentrated formulas

  • Take care of yourself and your family while protecting the planet: no single-use plastic but eco-responsible and infinitely refillable packaging

  • Promote local production, when possible: our products are made in France and certified Cosmos Organic

Dunum also wants to create a community around common values such as :

  • Innovation
  • Environmental (and social) responsibility
  • The well-being
  • Minimalism
  • A "more sustainable" beauty

So if you too recognize yourself in these few lines, do not hesitate to join our community and let things evolve together!

Because we should never again have to compromise between quality, efficiency and environmental protection.