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¬ę The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones ¬Ľ


Go back to the ESSENTIALS and offer efficient, effective and sensory formulas whilst maximizing quality and MINIMIZING ECOLOGICAL IMPACT.

We are not perfect but we try to be as transparent as possible in order to offer you the most AUTHENTIC products.

By providing only the necessary, we help you to avoid mass consumption and therefore CONSUME (and spend!) LESS.

Our products are MADE IN FRANCE and certified by and independant organization in order to consolidate our ETHICAL and RESPONSIBLE approach.


          COSMECERT Cosmos Organic

     Our products are Cosmos certified by COSMECERT, an independent organization               that guarantees :

          - production and processing processes that respect the environment and human        health

          - responsible use of natural resources

          - respect for biodiversity

          - the absence of petrochemical ingredients : parabens, phénoxyéthanol, perfumes        and synthetic dyes

          - recyclable packaging


Dunum is the first company specializing in powdered hygiene products located in Occitanie, in the toulouse region.

Our products are made near VERSAILLES.

Our sachets are developed and printed in the PAYS DE LA LOIRE region and are made with APPLE PAPER. That is to say, from the waste resulting from the processing of the apple.

This is what gives it that natural, elegant appearance, pleasant to touch, characterized by its ivory color. They are ECOFRIENDLY, DURABLE and RECYCLABLE.

Our aluminium bottles are made in the BASQUE COUNTRY.

Our soft and delicate fragrance was specially created for us, by a perfumer located in the world capital of perfume, GRASSE.