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The majority of conventional hygiene products are composed of 80% WATER just to create more volume for you to consume.

This water makes the product very sensitive to the development of bacteria, hence the need to add preservatives.

Water is also a NATURAL RESOURCE which is becoming increasingly SCARCE, PRECIOUS and more expensive.

Since we are lucky to have free access to water at home, why would we keep on paying for the shipping of unnecessary water?

In addition, conventional products are very often packaged in a single-use plastic bottle.

So why continue to buy SINGLE-USE PLASTIC bottles filled with 80% water, that will only contribute to LAND AND SEA POLLUTION?

On average, a family of 4 consumes 80 plastic bottles per year in their bathroom.

We therefore let you count the quantity of water and plastic purchased, transported and stored unnecessarily plus the CO2 emissions generated...



     REMOVE WATER from our formulas and only offer the necessary active ingredients.

     Offer REFILLABLE, eco-friendly and PLASTIC-FREE packaging.

     Our bottle is made of aluminium. Its light weight allows us to reduce CO2 emissions during transport and thanks to our apple paper refill system, we send you only what you need, delivered directly to your mailbox with carbon neutral delivery.

     Short but effective formulas, good for skin and hair, respectful of the environment, made in France and COSMOS ORGANIC certified.

     Because climate issues are at the heart of our daily lives, we believe that it is by adopting small changes that we will together be able to make a difference and reduce our ecological footprint.