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Cosmécert, COSMOS : all you need to know

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Being certified by Cosmécert is good, but what does it really mean? What is the difference with COSMOS??

Cosmécert is a certification entity specializing in natural and organic cosmetics.

Since January 2017, it has been certifying raw materials and finished products according to the international COSMOS standard.

Cosmécert is also a subsidiary of the Cosmébio association.

The COSMOS standard is an international specification created by several players involved in the promotion of more natural and planet-friendly cosmetic products (BDIH in Germany, ICEA in Italy, Soil Association in the United Kingdom, Ecocert and Cosmébio in France).

Their goal is to harmonize the guarantees of organic cosmetic labels between the different countries of the world.

The role of Cosmécert is therefore to certify that a finished product or an ingredient complies with the (very strict) specifications defined by COSMOS.

That's it for the theory!

In practice, when you want to have your product certified (as it is the case with our powder shampoo):

- You must submit an application for certification to the organization

- Wait for their acceptance and quote

- Commit by signing a certification contract

- Pass a first documentary audit (ingredients, formulas, labels, packaging, cleaning products and communication media referring to COSMOS must be submitted for validation)

- Then pass an on-site audit to verify the conformity of the products. This audit is carried out on all sites carrying out operations on products concerned by the certification: manufacturing, packaging, storage, etc.

The on-site audit takes place once a year to confirm that COSMOS requirements are still being met.

At the end of this process, the organization issues a certificate which allows a logo to be affixed to the products marketed.

This logo is made up of the acronym of the certifying body, accompanied by the words COSMOS ORGANIC or COSMOS NATURAL.

Consumers can thus more easily recognize items that meet their expectations and environmental commitments.

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